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Drinkable Meal

For over 400 years, we’ve been drinking MISU in my home country. MISU translates to “rice water” in Korean, but it’s much more than that. It is the perfect drinkable meal.

We’ve been drinking MISU more than 400 years in Korea.
Many Korean families have their own unique MISU, with special methods passed down across generations. Let me tell you about mine...

I created my own unique MISU recipe —every week: I steam, dehydrate, roast, grind and mix 5 different grain powders for exact periods of time to create better preservation, digestion, and taste. whole processes take up to 3days.

The taste of my MISU is subtle, hydrating, and earthy. It’s nourishing. It’s not too sweet or strong.

Every week, I make two MISU flavors: 

with wholemilk
(also almond milk for non-dairy) 

with water
and a hint of honey

In addition to...

Green Tea



Earl grey

Dates flavors

All Now Available!

Everything is natural. No sugar! No Artificiality.

Because MISU is so nutritious and ready-to-go, it’s best for anyone who is always running out of time, anyone on a diet, and even vegetarians.

    Get your protein, calcium, fiber, carbohydrates, and a    ton of vitamins, minerals, iron, all with relatively low calories.

There’s only one step:
shake well!

Also, MISU Granola is available!
Oats, almonds, walnut with MISU powder
bring richer taste and nutritions.

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